YY_ShockRing 被设计成一个功能齐全的制作冲击波圆形的插件。混合模式、厚度、羽化、不透明度;YY_ShockRing 拥有一切。将其用于冲击波、动态图形或您需要圆形的任何其他地方。


YY_ShockRing makes rings. Kind of like how the circle effect makes circles, or how the ramp effect makes ramps, YY_ShockRing was designed to be a feature-complete plugin for making rings. Use it for shockwaves, motion graphics, or anywhere else you need rings.

V2.1更新内容:支持 M1;支持MFR多帧渲染;修复减速错误

支持Win/Mac系统:CS5 – CC 2022