autoParallax 是一个简单但功能强大的 After Effects 脚本。通常,在设计中添加视差效果(2.5D移动)时,必须在移动Z位置后重新调整比例和XY位置,以免破坏设计(因为外观尺寸会根据距离的距离而变化与相机保持距离)。运行此脚本后,XY 位置和比例将自动调整为与原始设计相同。您所要做的就是调整 Z 位置!支持Win/Mac


autoParallax is a simple but powerful script for After Effects.Normally, when adding a parallax effect (2.5D movement) to the design, you must readjust the scale and XY position after moving the Z position in order not to disrupt the design. (Since the apparent size will change according to the distancte to the camera.) Once you’ve run this script, XY position and scale will be adjusted automatically to look the same as original design. All you have to do is adjusting Z position!