Fold是After Effects的一款高级折叠插件。您可以通过移动画面上提供的“手柄”使用它来创建2D“折叠纸”效果。还可以控制阴影的类型,颜色,折叠的方向和段数。


Fold is an plug-in for After Effects. You can use it to create a 2D “folded paper” effect by moving the provided “handles”. As addition you can control the type of the shadow, its color, the direction of the folds and the number of segments.

1.1.1更新内容:更新了激活密钥 URL。添加了对多帧渲染和Apple Silicon的支持。

支持Win/Mac系统:AE CC 2015 – 22022 或更高版