YY_Voronoi 是一个程序纹理生成器。Voronoi 图(也称为 Worley 噪波或细胞噪声)是程序生成的图像,可用作各种纹理,从地形图到水焦散再到抽象背景。通过分层不同的 Voronoi 模式,可以实现复杂性的变化。YY_Voronoi 提供了一种在 After Effects 中生成 Voronoi 图的方法,以及用于控制动画、形状等的额外选项。


YY_Voronoi is a procedural texture generator. Voronoi diagrams (also known as Worley noise, or cell noise) are procedurally generated images which can be used as all sorts of textures, from terrain maps to water caustics to abstract backgrounds. By layering different Voronoi patterns, variations in complexity can be achieved. YY_Voronoi provides a way to generate Voronoi diagrams in After Effects, with extra options to control animation, shape, and much more.

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