Shy Bar是您掌握 After Effects 时间轴的关键。当您的项目充满层次时,这个强大的工具栏将成为您的首选盟友。它可以让您毫不费力地过滤掉杂乱的内容,只关注对您最重要的层。无论您是要制作角色动画并希望将特定的肢体动作归零,还是要处理无数的文本图层,Shy Bar 都能确保您只看到重要的内容。这是您获得简化、高效工作流程的门票,节省您的时间并让您的创造力大放异彩。使用 Shy Bar 释放 After Effects 项目的全部潜力 – 精确与简单的结合。

 Shy Bar is your key to mastering After Effects timelines. When your project is bursting with layers, this powerful toolbar becomes your go-to ally. It lets you effortlessly filter through the clutter, focusing solely on the layers that matter most to you. Whether you’re animating a character and want to zero in on specific limb movements or dealing with a myriad of text layers, Shy Bar ensures you see only what’s essential. It’s your ticket to a streamlined, efficient workflow, saving you time and letting your creativity shine. Unleash the full potential of your After Effects projects with Shy Bar – where precision meets simplicity.

支持Win/Mac系统:After Effects 2024, 2023